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How did you hear about the Renunciates?

what attracted you to the idea/ideology/lifestyle?
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I discovered the Darkover novels back in high school. (I'm almost 27 now, seems so long ago.) I remember it just made so much sense to me when I read "The Shattered Chain": how else could women fight patriarchy than by supporting each other and becoming family?

The online list was actually pointed out to me through an rp partner in the Darkover rpg when I jokingly said I wished there was a "real" Guildhouse. She was no longer active on list, but assured me that I would be welcome.

I'm a rather mousey type of person, and what really attracted me to the lifestyle was the certain brand of feminism the books portrayed; older Renunciates sharing their wisdom and leading the younger ones to question their ingrained beliefs in training sessions, while building a women-focused community.
Those were a lot of my reasons too, plus the whole family feeling of it all - sisters against injustice.
I, too, discovered the elist thru the RPG list :)
I first read "The Mists of Avalon" and became a huge admirer of MZB, so I just started to read eveything I got my hands on. Which wasn´t easy, as many books weren´t published in Germnany any more.

I just got sucked into everything she wrote and how she created something totally new and natural, it just didn´t feel constructed or artificial. I always had the feeling that it could happen exactly like she described it. And I just wished I was part of the world she had created, that´s what I have in mind when I read her stuff.
Welcome chiya :)
I too started first started reading the Mists of Avalon and admired MZB greatly.
This lead to me also reading every available book by her. I eventually joined the Darkover RPG and discovered the renunciates list and joined them... Mind you I was in contact with a couple of the girls way before the list started but lost my ISP and lost contact.... but I was so glad when I found them again :-)

Hi Chiya... its Lyni :-)
Hi breda :)

It's An :) I miss you - how goes things with your sweetie?
missed you too :-)

Things are going wonderfully well with him :-)
I am so happy for you :D
I heard about the renunciates from reading the Darkover books..And found htat the stories about these wonderful women were my favorite!

what attracted me?..I think it's the whole sisterhood thing and being strong enough to make choices and having your sisters be there for you if you need them.
I heard about the renunciates in college. I was raised in a very patriarchal society (fundie Christians in the deep south) and I always felt constrained and overly restricted by this. The renunciates seemed like a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed.
I learned about the Renunciates by raiding my mom's bookshelf, something i've been doing since i was...nine-ish...maybe eight...can't remember...